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Growing up in the countryside, I’ve always love gardening and being surrounded by gardens since I was a child. My family had our own organic garden, where we grew vegetables, fruit, and medicinal plants all year round, as well as decorative and ornamental species. Now, I also have my own garden in my backyard and growing more than 50 types of plants for the last 10 years there.

I believe that making a beautiful garden is all about using your creativity, working harmoniously with nature, the soil, using your common sense and your own intuition. I’m constantly amazed by the textures and form of plants, colors, selecting them for their capability to live in a certain environment, and the ability to give all year structure and color.

I also think that it’s very important to have a working knowledge on landscaping and materials, as well as other elements that can influence a beautiful and good garden design such as soakaways, levels, and building regulations.

With a grandmother who was an interior designer and a father who was an architect, I also have a great interest in interior design and home décor. This is why besides gardening, I often spend my time doing my own DIY project, repainting and repurposing vintage items, and building something with my husband. Oh my husband is a carpenter too, so you can see why we love building stuffs.

In this blog, I will share my knowledge about gardening and also about home improvement. Hope my blog can help you through your gardening and home improvement project!